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BARAKA. Coconut oil Baraka, 500 ml
  • BARAKA. Coconut oil Baraka, 500 ml
  • BARAKA. Coconut oil Baraka, 500 ml

BARAKA. Coconut oil Baraka, 500 ml

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100% natural Coconut oil is considered one of the oldest medicines from plant raw materials in the world.

No chemicals are used in the process of palm growing and subsequent processing of coconuts. Many centuries ago, practitioners of Ayurveda were aware of the benefits of coconut oil for human health.

Natural coconut oil does not need preservatives and has a unique antioxidant effect. It is also used in the soap industry for the preparation of natural ayurvedic soaps as a foaming and cleansing agent. It is an excellent gentle basis for natural creams, lipsticks, hair care products, massage oils.

Cosmetic and healing properties: Coconut oil with a fine aroma can be used for face and hair care. They are safe to use people with very sensitive skin and infants.

Is an ideal natural massage oil and is suitable for correcting the VATA and PITTA dosha.

Coconut oil is perfectly absorbed, leaving no oily traces. Put on the skin, coconut oil quickly melts and creates on its surface a thin, almost invisible protective layer.

Under the hot sun, this layer keeps the skin from ultraviolet radiation, and in the modern city - protects from the effects of an aggressive environment.

Has moisturizing, nourishing, anti - inflammatory effects.

Effective for dry and flaky skin, cracks, burns.

Very valuable as a natural cleanser.

Massage with coconut oil cools the body, relaxes muscles, soothes nerves and makes the skin tender like velvet. Product specifications: Oil is white, which becomes soft at room temperature, and at a cold - hardens. In this regard, before use (if the oil has hardened), it should be slightly heated under a stream of hot water or put in a container filled with hot water.

Coconut oil almost does not react with air, and therefore even without a refrigerator is perfectly stored for several years.

Manufacturer BioExtracts, Sri Lanka, o. Tseylon

Most Thai coconut oil manufacturers use copra - dried coconut meat unfit for ingestion. This oil is called a low grade oil. "Baraka" also takes for the production of butter exclusively fresh coconuts from ecological plantations and does not dilute it with all kinds of impurities.

Baraka's availability of USDA Organic certifications confirms that BARAKA coconut oil does not contain pesticides, synthetic mineral fertilizers, flavors, artificial food additives and GMOs. Therefore, you will receive natural coconut oil with a 100% guarantee of its high quality.

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