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"Geriforte" Geriforte (Dry chavanprash) in tablets
  • "Geriforte" Geriforte (Dry chavanprash) in tablets
  • "Geriforte" Geriforte (Dry chavanprash) in tablets

"Geriforte" Geriforte (Dry chavanprash) in tablets

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Country of manufacture:India

To Geriforta sometimes call "dry chavanprashy", because of similar impact on an organism on immunity strengthening, improvement and rejuvenation, and also rich structure of herbs and herbs. Effect of medicine:

- Removes stresses, physical and intellectual fatigue, a syndrome of chronic fatigue.

- Increases appetite, working capacity,

- Strengthens immune system;

- Improves blood circulations;

- Normalizes functioning of nervous and endocrine system;

- Saves from negative impact of a stress;

- Brings toxins and slags out of blood, a liver and intestines;

- Normalizes blood pressure;

- Increases amount of hemoglobin in blood;

- Lowers cholesterol in blood;

- Strengthens a cardiac muscle;

- Strengthens hair, nails, teeth;

- Increases endurance of an organism;

- Reduces probability of heart attacks and strokes;

- Prevents emergence of catarrhal and viral diseases;

- It is useful at physical and intellectual activities, improves attention and memory;

- Has the rejuvenating effect on an organism;

- Brings an organism into a tone, works as antidepressant;

- Increases reproductive functions of an organism of the man and woman;

- Improves fermentation of a pancreas;

- it is applied after a serious illness and chemotherapy to the general restoration of an organism Effect of medicine is connected with suppression of processes of disintegration of substances and stimulation of synthesis of protein in body tissues, the regulating influence on endocrine glands, stimulation of the central nervous system. Antistress properties of medicine prevent degenerate changes and increase cell regeneration. Thanks to antioxidant action, medicine brings free radicals out of an organism. Medicine maintains immunity at the high level, helps to remove the physiological changes connected with aging, starts processes in an organism on restoration of physical activity, raises a threshold of fatigue and withering of an organism, rejuvenates and provides good health. To Geriforta improves a condition of respiratory and cardiovascular systems of an organism, improving blood circulation and reducing the level of lipids in blood. Regulates a metabolism, fats and carbohydrates. Promotes digestion of nutrients. Rejuvenates all systems of a body and skin, interfering with its age changes. Contains vitamins and minerals in natural, easily usvayevoyemy form. It is recommended to apply to strengthening of an organism, during off - seasons, to recovering from diseases, operations or chemotherapy. As supportive application Geriforteeffektiven at treatment of catarrhal diseases, tuberculosis, diabetes

. Method of application: For prevention and strengthening of immunity: 1 tablet - 2 times a day. As supportive application at chronic diseases: 2 tablets - 2 times a day.

Contraindications: hypersensibility to components of the medicine PACKING of 60 capsules

Country of manufacture:India
Purpose:For the immune system
Form of issue:Pills
Information is up-to-date: 24.06.2024

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