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Kasni - Kasni «cough syrup»
  • Kasni - Kasni «cough syrup»

Kasni - Kasni «cough syrup»

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Brand:Maharishi Ayurveda
Country of manufacture:India

Cough syrup Kasni is an effective remedy for cough and sore throat associated with allergies, sore throats, colds, bronchitis, smoking, air polluted. Heals dry irritating cough, exerts an expectorant effect, has a complex effect on getting rid of mucus stagnation in the nasopharynx, respiratory tract. Has anti - inflammatory effect, reduces kapha and cotton wool.
CASS cough syrup consists of herbal ingredients and no sedative (hypnotic) effect is shown for both adults and for children, thanks to such effective components as ginger, basil, galls pistachio tree.
• long pepper (Pippali/Piper longum)
• The Gauls of the pistachio tree (Karkatsingi/Pistacia integerrima)
• Ginger (Sunthi/Zingiber oficinale)
• nutsedge (Nagar mustak/cyperus eleusinoide)
• Licorice (Yashtimadhu/Yashtimadhu/Licorice/Glycyrrhiza glabra)F8B3EAFF18AF521326 2238B9D14E0833 • Basil (Tuls/Ocimum sanctum)
• remarkable Fir (Talispatra/Abies spectabilis)
• nightshade (Kantkari/Solanum Xanthocarpum)
• Cinnamon ( Twak/Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
• achyranthes (Zeleznik/Apamarg/Achyranthes aspera)
• gale (Kayphal/Myrica nagi)
• Yu Titius vascular (Vasamool/Adhatoda vasica)
• Borax (Shudha Suhaga/Borax)
• Cane sugar (Sugar Cane)
• Camphor (Camphor)
• Menthol (Menthol)
• Sodium benzoate (Natrii benzoas)
Dosage: Adults 2 tablespoons 2 - 3 once a day, children 1 teaspoon 1 - 2 times a day, slowly dissolve.
Product form: bottle 100 ml
ContraindicationsPatientswith diabetesshould be careful, because Cassia contains sugar.

Brand:Maharishi Ayurveda
Country of manufacture:India
Release form:Syrup
Information is up-to-date: 18.03.2024

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