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Safi (Hamdard), 100 ml
  • Safi (Hamdard), 100 ml

Safi (Hamdard), 100 ml

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Country of manufacture:India

Cleansing the entire body and strengthening immunity!
Safi, being an Ayurvedic drug, acts on the human body in a variety of ways. It cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, the liver, helps to eliminate chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, relieves intestinal parasites, reduces the amount of cholesterol, eliminates intoxication with alcohol, smoking, taking synthetic drugs, poisoning, cures ulcers and other intestinal diseases.

Safi is very effective for chronic constipation, obesity and respiratory diseases accompanied by fever. The hay leaf and rhubarb root, which are part of the syrup, provide him with a good laxative effect, relieving the body of constipation and excess weight. Safi is also used as a diuretic, since it has a pronounced diuretic effect. It is especially recommended to take Safi to children with such diseases as measles, pruritus, skin rashes, as well as adolescents during the transition period and people with chronic skin diseases and general intoxication of the body.
chronic constipation
• hemorrhoids
• intoxication
• ulcer
• intestinal diseases
• Skin
disease of • ischenie blood
• overweight
• colds
• intestinal parasites
• measles, itching, skin rash
Application: . children - 1/2 tsp. 1 per day; adolescents - 1 tsp 1 time per day; for adults - 2 tsp. 1 per day. Shake well before use, with water, juice or milk. To achieve the desired result, use at least 20 days. Applying the drug, do not abuse: refined, canned foods, fried foods, sugar, chocolate, buns, red meat, as well as alcohol and smoking; do not eat at night. Dosage of the drug: for children - 1/2 tsp, for adolescents - 1 tsp, for adults - 2 tsp.
Composition: senna, revendchini, turbud, nilofar, qulabke phool, sheesham, sandal surkh, qilo, harar, narkashoor, chiraita, kalmegh, kasaundi, mudhi, nil kanthi, shahtara, kachnaal, neem, tulsi, mazriun, turzoon, milleh firangi, invert sugar.
Packaging: 100 ml.
Manufacturer: India, Hamdard

Country of manufacture:India
Purpose:For purification
Weight: 100 ml
Form of issue:Liquid
Information is up-to-date: 16.02.2024

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